Catalytic Converters Bring Cash!

scrapCatalytic converters are required on all automobiles manufactured in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency beginning in 1975. Their purpose was to legislate a comprehensive regulation of engine exhaust by requiring that gasoline-powered vehicles have catalytic converters as part of the exhaust system.

A catalytic converter converts harmful gases as they pass through the mechanism to carbon dioxide and water vapor to be discharged through the tail pipe of the exhaust system of the vehicle. When a converter starts to fail which is not an often occurrence, it will affect the performance of the car as well as releasing harmful gases back out into the environment unchanged. Catalytic converter recycling became a new business when the converters failed.

If your catalytic converter is broken, you may hear unusual noises under the car as well as problems with acceleration. Pieces of the converter may break apart and create a rattling sound inside the housing or clog the exhaust system. In some instances, the Check Engine light may come on to denote a problem. Any mechanic can easily identify a faulty converter.

However, when most automobile parts break and are defective, they end up being trashed. But the good news is that you can recycle your broken catalytic converter for cash in your pocket. These converters contain small amounts of precious metals that can be extracted by professional recycling companies. Keeping these scrap converters out of the landfills is an added plus for the environment. For more information and pricing go to catalytic converter recycling with Converter Guy.